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Charles Bell, a resident of Healdsburg since 2001, opened The Wurst in 2011.

Charles grew up in Detroit, MI and moved to San Francisco in 1981.  Prior to moving to California, he was a touring musician and played music with members of the MC5, Ted Nugent Band … who else? Music is his first love and he still plays as much as he can.  When disco invaded the music scene in the 1970’s ruining the hard rock scene, Charles moved to San Francisco and enrolled in the California Culinary Academy. Upon completion of chef training, he moved to London and by a bizarre twist of fate, had the opportunity to cook on a catering crew for the Royal Family. After London he joined Chef Ken Hom in Hong Kong while he completed his 2nd cookbook, East West Cuisine. London and China lead back to San Francisco where he worked as a chef for both restaurants and private individuals. Fast forward to 2011. Having survived a late stage throat cancer he decided to revisit his passion for entrepreneurship and the culinary arts, and the Wurst was born.